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Redwood & Oak trees grow rings that hold valuable data

As a Redwood and Oak tree (or any exogenous tree) grows, it produces rings. Any changes in growth rate, along with temperature variation throughout the yearly cycle, will make the tree's growth rings more visible.

The science of Dendrochronology uses "data" from the tree through determining the Redwood or Oak tree’s age by counting and examining its rings. The data is then used to date cores or even wood taken from trees in the past.

Here Is The Anatomy of A Redwood & Oak Tree: (and all exogenous trees)

1. Pith: The inner most part of the tree. Varies in shape and size. The pith is the oldest part of exogenous tree and when the plant becomes old, the pith dies and becomes and dark and fibrous.

2. Heart Wood: The portion surrounding pith. Strong and dark in color. Heart wood is useful for several engineering purpose. The dead part of wood and consists of various annular rings.
2 layers of bark protect the Cambium layer
3. Sap Wood: Next to heart wood is sap wood. Sap wood is instrumental in the growth of trees through permitting sap to move upward. Annual rings in sap wood are less sharply divided and light in color. Sap wood may also be referred to as “alburnum”.

4. Cambium Layer: Thin layer of fresh sap between the sap wood and the inner bark. The Cambium layer has sap which is not still converted into sap wood. If the bark is removed and Cambium layer exposed to atmosphere, the cells cease to be active and the tree dies.

5. Inner Bark: An inner skin of tree defending the cambium layer. It provides protection for the delicate and very important cambium layer.

6. Outer Bark: The outer skin of the tree made up of wood fibers. Sometimes it contains cracks and gaps.

7. Vascular (Medullary) Rays: Thin radial fibers extending from pith to cambium layer. They work together to hold the annular rings. In some of trees they are broken and some others are simply not prominent.

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