Saturday, October 4, 2014

Arborist or Landscaper? 3 Ways To Know When You Need Each & Why

Why Pay An Arborist When A Landscaper Said He Can Handle The Job?

Let's face it, climbing and falling trees is dangerous work. When accidents happen, they're usually not splinters. Just like owning a pool or raised deck, mature trees increase your homeowner's liability while also increasing your home's value. Arborists, tree removers and climbers are professionally trained, using professional equipment specifically designed for their trade, much like landscapers when it comes to lawns, gardening and landscaping.

When you need an electrician, you hire one. You wouldn't call a plumber instead hoping he can do just as well. Both know the innards of a house, but handle completely different jobs. The same goes for landscapers and tree service companies. Similar, yet completely different jobs.

1. Workman's Comp is a small homeowner safety net when a worker is injured on their property. If Workman's Comp insurance on every employee isn't paid to date, or the worker is performing duties not covered under his job description, your safety net is gone. 
2. Any worker on your property NOT listed on the hired company's official payroll, will NOT be covered by Workman's Comp. A certified arborist is accustomed to having proof of payroll for every worker on the job site.  
3. MOST IMPORTANT BECAUSE IT MAKES BOTH 1 & 2 MOOT: Arborists pay more for business insurance, which is based on risk assessment and potential liability. If a landscaper is injured on your property while performing the job of an arborist, their insurance will not cover them and liability falls to you, the homeowner

Hire a professional tree service for tree jobs to reduce homeowner liability.

You Need A Landscaper When:

1. You want regular maintenance of your yard. This may include anything from cleaning to mowing to pruning of small trees and shrubs.
2.  You need landscaping specifics, like yard design. A landscaper can tell you which plants and ground coverings will work best for your particular location, preference and lifestyle.
3. Garden layout and advice. Most landscapers have a good understanding of garden design, soil and which flowers will work best to complement your veggie garden.

You Need An Arborist When:

 1. Trees are threatening your fence, overhang, deck, house, or other space/property.
 2. You want advice on design, placement and species of trees within your landscape and location layout.
 3. You need to determine the overall health of trees on your property. An ounce of prevention! This should only be done by a Certified Tree Risk Assessor. 

Every job has a professional in that field. Signature Tree Service regularly recommends landscapers to our clients to handle jobs we don't cover. We love landscapers! This informational blog, as are many of our blogs, was written solely to educate homeowners on liability, risk and risk reduction.

We hope this blog article has been interesting and/or useful for you. Signature Tree Service strives hard to provide the best professional tree service in Northern California. Curtis Fosnaugh, CEO, is a reputable Certified Arborist and Certified Tree Risk Assessor. Signature Tree Service has proudly served Northern California for over 10 years with offices in St. Helena, Benicia, Vacaville and Santa Rosa.

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