Thursday, January 30, 2014

Felling Dead Trees Next To House 1 of 8

Dead poplar trees dead leaning towards neighbors house and over clients patio get wedged over against gravity! by Signature Tree Service of Vacaville,CA.

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Importance of Tree Planting

Trees have always played an important part in people's lives, from providing shade and maintaining the beauty of the place to fruits and flowers that attract fauna! Whenever you are around trees you feel a sense of peace and calm and more importantly, protection. If you are concerned about saving the planet, then tree planting is what you should be considering on top priority. Making the most of a spacious yard around your home for planning fruiting and flowering trees, helps the property to look attractive and pricey. In spacious gardens, woody plants enhance the look when supported in visual appeal by shrubs, shorter flowering plants and bushes. For any landscape, an essential part of planning is the choice of trees.
Planting the right kind of trees in the garden is pivotal. By following a few suggestions it is possible to narrow down on the right tree types to invest in. Shape and size is very important while selecting a half or full-grown tree. Many of the trees become a permanent part of your garden and heirlooms. Big trees cannot be transported easily, so make sure you plant them at the right place in the beginning itself. Check on and plan the drainage system in the yard when the landscaping endeavor is being executed. The type of soil and selection of the right kind of trees is very essential to get the best out of the outdoor space around the home.
Undesirable results cause a loss to time, money and effort when the trees are planted in an improper way. To ensure that your plants enjoy a healthy life, space them well in the outdoor space around the home so that they get sufficient sunlight. In time, proper spacing will give you, your family as well as your guests enough shade. After a period of years, when the trees grow to their full size and branch out, trimming on regular basis is necessary. Value of your property increases with a well-maintained garden, developed with exotic trees. There are a number of real-time and online resources you can tap for assistance to source the best trees. You can shop for them online and have them delivered and even re-planted in your garden area.
Planned tree planting is the key to a healthy garden. Though plants and trees grow on their own, they do need a lot of care and concern initially. Mulching, fertilizing, pruning, trimming, etc. help in enhancing aesthetic value, and in turn the overall look and functionality of the garden. If you look after trees well, the future generations too get to enjoy the beauty of the flowering and fruit bearing natural wonders. Plants and trees do get affected by harsh environmental factors, so make sure you take care of them according to the impacting factors identified. Trees play a very important role in the garden landscape. Shop wisely and only after you have done your homework on the factors that will impact their growth, in your region on the planet.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Types Of Trees And What They Are Good For

Trees are not only beautiful, but they are an important part of the environment. They absorb all of the Carbon Dioxide in the air and release Oxygen so that we as humans have clean air to breathe. Every tree has something that it is good for, whether that be climbing, tapping, or putting in our homes as decoration. Here's a list of some of the most loved trees and what it is that they're good for.
1. Maple Trees:
Maple trees grow mostly, in the North Temperate Zone. There are a variety of species of Maple tree, which is why they are seen in many different sizes. In addition to their beautiful wood, ability to self-pollinate, and charming clusters of green flowers, maple trees also have sap that can easily be made into sugar or maple syrup, which is one of the most delicious toppings for pancakes on Earth!
2. Willow Trees:
One can always spot a Weeping Willow tree because its branches hang down as if it were crying (hence the name). The hanging branches provide natural shade, which makes the trees ideal for resting under. It is not uncommon for people to hang hammocks under willow trees, where they can enjoy an afternoon nap.
3. Pine Trees:
Pine trees are most commonly known as Christmas trees. They are bushy and have strong needles which make them conducive to hang Christmas ornaments off of. Some species have large seeds called pine nuts which are often used for cooking and baking.
4. Oak Trees:
Oak trees are mostly used for their strong and attractive wood. Oak wood has a density of approximately 0.75g/cm squared. In addition to being hard and strong, oak also has a high tannin content which makes it very resistant to insect and fungal attack. As a result many alcohols are stored in oak barrels including brandy, whiskey, sherry, and wine.
5. Fruit Trees:
Most fruits grow on trees, including apples, avocados, pears, peaches, plums, bananas, guava, pineapples, pomegranates, mangoes, oranges, grapefruits, limes, lemons and more. When many fruit trees are grown and taken care of together, the space if referred to as an orchard. Picking fresh fruit directly from a tree is quite delicious and a fun activity.
In addition to picking fruit, taking a nap, or putting them up indoors to celebrate special occasions, trees are also great for climbing and for shading a home. There are millions of tree species on our planet each more beautiful than the last.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Amazing Tree Houses!

It is every kid's dream when they are young to have an amazing tree house in their backyard. Somewhere where they can have secret meetings with friends, battle imaginary villains or have a No Boys Allowed Club. Maybe you were lucky enough to have a tree house when you were young and maybe you didn't. Regardless, architects have come up with some incredible tree house designs that will make everyone - even adults - want to fulfill that dream and live in the trees. From invisible tree houses to space age eco-friendly designs to homes on stilts, imagination is the only limitation when it comes to these unique dwellings.
Some of the coolest tree houses out there are called Free Spirit Spheres. These little houses were designed to blend in and harmonize with the forest around them. The spheres are eco-friendly, all wooden and constructed much like a canoe. They are suspended from the tree tops like a sail from the mast on a boat. Each sphere is accessible by a spiral staircase that comes down around the tree and a small suspension bridge. There is a surprising amount of amenities within each sphere. Each one contains a double bed, 2 small windows, a settee with table and a galley kitchen with cupboards, sink, microwave and refrigerator.
Another sustainable yet amazing tree house design comes from Japan and is called the 4Treehouse. This house is designed to fit right in to a natural environment and is built around 4 trees, using them like stilts. It looks like a giant paper lantern and rises 3 stories in to the forest. The walls all have varying levels of transparency letting light in and out making it quite a sight in the darkness. Even though the house is 3 stories, it is only 420 square feet. In order to enter and exit the house, there is a staircase on casters that sways with the house and trees, allowing movement regardless of how much the house is swaying. The bottom floor of the home is almost completely protected from the outside elements and opens up the higher you go. The top floor is an enclosed patio with only the sky for a ceiling.
It may seem an impossibility to build an invisible house but that is exactly what architects did in Sweden. They created a "Treehotel" made out of a type of mirrored material that makes the walls disappear into the surroundings. The tree house is a 4 meter glass cube that is virtually undetectable to the eye without close scrutiny. Everything in the forest reflects off the walls of the tree house - the clouds, the sun, birds and trees. Many critics were concerned about birds crashing in to the house while flying through the forest but the architects have taken care of this as well. They applied a film to the glass that is visible to birds to help avoid crashes. The cubes are made of sustainable wood, have heated floors and even an incineration toilet.
Today, through the marvels of modern technology and the deep imaginations of some daring architects, tree houses aren't just for kids anymore. They really are catching on in popularity and there are even tree house resorts popping up around the globe. You can have a truly unique, eco-friendly vacation in nature by visiting one of these tree houses. It is guaranteed to be unlike anything you have experienced before.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Eucalyptus Removal over house in Benicia, California

Signature Tree Service removes two large and hazardous Eucalyptus over house in Benicia, California

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Environment Control Through Tree Service

Tree service can be said to be very important for maintaining a pollution-free environment. If trees get uprooted during storms, they can prove to be threats to traffic movement and people. Companies that provide such services need to have a large equipment fleet, and personnel must be sufficiently experienced in tree planting or removal.
Lumber taken for trees must be used for useful purposes. It is also necessary to plant saplings side by side after cutting these trees. This would help keep the global carbon footprint under control. For carrying lumber, the company that provides such tree service needs to have a fleet of large 30 ton trucks.
The work of tree removal companies involves a fair degree of risk. Companies carrying out such removal operations must make sure that adequate safety standards are followed, both for themselves and for communities in the neighborhood. Trees that have been damaged can be handled appropriately by these companies. This ensures that accidents or injuries do not take place. In case of tree fall emergencies, removal companies can be called on the phone 24 hours a day.
For the purpose of stump grinding, equipment such as a stump cutter or grinder is required. Grinders can range from being as large as a lawn mower or truck. A high speed disk is attached to these grinders, which can easily chip away wood. Cutter wheel movements are controlled by hydraulic cylinders.
Free estimates to carry out tree trimming services for homes and commercial spaces can be obtained from reputed vendors. Trimming is done when trees become significantly large and need to be trimmed in order to reduce space occupied by them. Even in the event of damage due to storms, damaged trees can be taken care of by tree removal companies.
Shrubs and hedges also form an important part of the landscape around homes. These shrubs and hedges require trimming, to prevent them from becoming very large. For this service, tree removal companies also provide hedge maintenance services.
Very few trees actually fall on persons or property. However, if they fall on utility lines, there is potential for tremendous damage. These can cause electrical short circuiting, power outages and fire. If trees with dead branches are seen close to utility lines, tree removal companies must be contacted immediately.
Sometimes, extra support for weak branches is helpful in increasing strength and stability. Routine care can also be provided in the form of fertilizers and water. Recognized professionals would be the best persons to tell how to handle trees. Either removal or support may be the solution, as per their experience. Tree trimming service could also be helpful in removing the hazardous portions.
There are several benefits of planting trees. They help to maintain the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The environment is made green due to trees and they also provide shade, which is very useful during summer. Wood from trees is used for several construction activities.
In areas which are not large enough to have trees, shrubs and hedges are planted to impart greenery. Hedge maintenance is required to prevent the shrubs and hedges from overgrowing.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Blowing The Top Off Pine Tree Over A Phone Line

Curtis Fosnaugh, owner of Signature Tree Service takes a high perch to fell the top of this tall pine tree and make sure and miss the valued phone line in the process.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

What You Need to Know About Tree Removal

If you live in an area that has a thick cover of large trees, there is no doubt that at one time or another you will require some tree removal service. While this can be a very complicated activity, you still have to get it done because of safety matters. You must have heard about or seen trees that fell as a result of heavy rains or thunderstorms or those that are brought down by strong winds and they injure people as well as destroy their property. Since you don't want to become a statistic, taking caution by having dangerous trees removed is something you will want to consider; tree removal is not every one's kettle of fish and, as such, you must let the professional do their bidding.
Because of the many challenges involved in this type of work, it is always safe to let he professionals do it because they have the expertise and experience to deal with all matters of tree removal. You also need to realize that in some cases, when the process is not done correctly, it actually leads to a re-growth of some trees simple because the stump was not handled in the best way possible. Experts will also know what to do in order to prevent damage to other people's homes, cars or even power lines and in the worst case scenario, ensure that no one is injured during the process.
Tree removal requires a number of techniques as well as specialized equipment that you don't have and which you could spend hundreds of dollars hiring; you could actually do the hiring and fail to use some of the sophisticated equipment used in the trade. You also want to avoid getting injured because this is a very present possibility whenever such work is being performed. Because this is a specialized assignment, there are companies that do this type of work as well as tree trimming and stump grinding. You don't have to risk your life and that of your loved ones when there is help to sort you out of the problem.
There is no doubt that trees are good and they play a very important role especially as far as the environment is concerned. Those same trees need to be managed well lest they cause more harm than good when they come down without a proper plan or during a natural catastrophe. Apart from when there is danger, there are also times when trees have to be removed and others planted in order to bring about some good landscaping plan. You don't want to keep a tree that is overshadowing the entire house when it can be removed and a better one put in its place.
Tree removal specialists will work very professionally to remove any trees that are dying or rotting very close to your house. This is when you want to avoid the possibility that such a tree, or even part o fit, can easily come down and destroy not only your house or that of a neighbor but also injure you or a family member. All these risks can be evaded by simply employing the services of tree removal experts and everyone will remain safe and secure

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